World Environment Day

On this World Environment Day, I am more cognizant than ever that we will never be able to heal our environment until we heal ourselves.

This year, World Environment Day celebrates biodiversity. And who doesn't want to celebrate the fascinating species our planet is home to?

However, if we truly embrace biodiversity we need to think about the choices we make in our own backyards each day—the bias we have for one species vs. another (both flora and fauna).

We don't get to celebrate biodiversity and then quietly pick and choose which species fit with our lifestyles. Everything is part of the same web. When we disrupt one species we all suffer.

I've been watching people around my small town admiring all of the adorable goslings emerging. But, in time this gosling will become an adult and will be considered a nuisance. It will be targeted by the same community of admirers for its "annoying" droppings on “their” beaches.

I recently found out about 200 of the estimated 250-300 resident Canadian Geese were culled (by gassing molting geese who couldn't fly) last year in my lake community.

Like so many things right now I’m disturbed. Disturbed by how we treat each other, as well as other species. We really need to come together and fight injustice wherever and whenever we see it.