Prints & Framing:

Can print sizes and materials be customized?

For the most part, yes, custom sizes and materials are possible. Please send a message either by email (info@joannalentini.com) or phone (+1.917.480.9475) and reference the image number found above the description.

Is it possible to mat your prints?

Yes, all prints arrive with white borders between one and two inches. If you need a larger border please let us know. Additional fees will apply.

Can you help with framing?

Yes, custom framing is available. For the moment you can contact me directly. In the future, I do hope to have this be a more streamlined system. Many thanks for your understanding. It’s tough being a one-woman show!  

Do I need a frame for a metal print?

No, unless otherwise stated, or preferred, all metal prints come ready to be installed.

Is framing available for metal prints?

Yes, framing is possible with metal prints. Call me to discuss.

Do you use glass or acrylic for framed prints?

I use acrylic glass for a variety of reasons. The first and most obvious being that glass is easily broken and can damage the print in the process of shipping or installation. Also, acrylic is said to provide better UV protection and is a bit clearer than glass.


Who is the copyright owner?

As the creator of the image, I have full copyright on all of the images in my shop, social media, and other websites. The purchase of the print in no way transfers this copyright. It is unlawful to screenshot, copy, or print my images. You can however email me and ask for permission to use them. Without doing so, you are violating copyright law.

Please note, purchased prints cannot be reproduced in any manner.

Do you license your images for commercial use?

Yes, shoot me a message and we can discuss.

Is it possible to purchase one of your images that I saw on social media?

This is certainly possible. Reach out with a description of the image and I'll let you know.


Do you work with interior designers?

Yes, I love collaborating with designers!

Do you offer wall murals?

Yes, we offer wall murals. Please send a message either by email (info@joannalentini.com) or phone (+1.917.480.9475) and reference the image number found above the description.


What is your return and exchange policy?

As each print order is custom made, all sales are final.

How long do prints take to ship?

Currently prints take 5-7 days to ship. Once they do you will receive a tracking number. More details here.


Color: Due to the fact that we all see color differently, as well as the fact that each screen displays color differently, sometimes the colors of the actual print will vary from what you see on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Metal Print Edges: Please be mindful around the corners of metal prints and never rest the edge of the print against the ground. Lay flat, print side facing up, when it is not hanging on a wall. The corners can bend if care isn't taken, and can also be somewhat sharp. Take precautions when children are present.

Print Care:

Please take care when handling your prints. Oils from your hands can transfer to paper prints and damage to them. It's a good idea to wash your hands as well as wear a pair of fresh, white cotton gloves.

If a print arrives rolled please take care when unrolling. Prints are covered with an acid free paper prior to shipping. Please keep this paper over the print so it doesn't get scratched. Prior to framing leave the print to flatten on its own.

When you are ready to frame, you can lift the print from opposite corners, and take care not to kink the paper.


Contact Details:

You can reach me either via email or telephone. Here are my contact details.