Feature in Saatchi Art's Spring 2022 Catalog

Excited to have my Limited Edition 40" x 26" aluminum print, titled "Dragonglass" included in Saatchi Art's Spring 2022 Catalog. The catalog is distributed to a quarter million American households. That doesn't happen everyday!!


For a closer look at Dragonglass...

Saatchi Art Dragonglass Joanna Lentini Iceberg Photography

 And some background on the image....

Greenland is a magical place. Amongst its treasures is an iceberg graveyard in a far corner of Scoresby Sound where icebergs have their last hurrah. Amongst a diverse and astounding collection of nature's sculptures, I came upon this beauty contoured by the salt and sea.

As I circled this monolith immersed in sub-zero water, I could literally hear the bomb-like explosions of neighboring icebergs as they imploded. Scary and exhilirating all at once, I made this over-under image just before heading to the nearby safety of the zodiac vessel.