One to Watch Feature

By: Bethany Fincher
From the remote islands of the Pacific to the far reaches of the Arctic, photographer Joanna Lentini treks—and dives—across the globe, coming face to face with nature at its most harrowing and awe-inspiring. Her award-winning photographs bring the far-flung closer to home, but Joanna is just as inspired by the wildlife in her own backyard in rural New York. This global and local ethos has led Joanna to photograph, research, and write on topics as varied as sea lion search and rescue missions and the benefits of backyard camping. Ultimately, Joanna is an openhanded storyteller, relaying each of her subjects with infectious curiosity. With photographs ranging from cinematic and abstract to documentarian, Joanna succeeds in spreading a sense of wonderment at nature both near and far. After spending time with her stories, both written and visual, we cannot help but feel renewed excitement for nature and reverence for our place in it. 
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