Smithsonian Magazine: Why Did the Salamander Cross the Road?


There's a lot of magic in the natural world, oftentimes just steps from our front door. Last year, with the amazing support of biologist Laura Heady over at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, I documented an amazing natural event that takes place under the cover and darkness and rain in New York’s Hudson River estuary watershed.

The story, which found a home in this month’s issue of Smithsonian Magazine, highlights the annual migration several amphibian species make to vernal pools to breed, the volunteers that brave the elements to assist them in fragmented habitats, and the importance of protecting small wetlands.

This is a special project for me as it takes place every year quite close to home and is yet another reminder of the biodiversity in our own backyards.

If you live in the Hudson Valley and would like to get involved in the project check out the Amphibian Migrations & Road Crossing’s Project.

The story is available both online and in the print version of the magazine: Why Did the Salamander Cross the Road?